Have Questions About Turning In Your Current Honda Lease?

As your lease comes to an end, there are steps you can take to make the process easier. East Coast Honda is here to help every step of the way. First, know what to expect in the final months of your lease:

 90 Days
You have three options: You can return your Honda and lease a new one, purchase your lease outright, or simply return your Honda to East Coast Honda - even if you did lease it from us.
 60 Days
To will help identify any  potential excess wear and tear, it is highly recommend you schedule your inspection so there are no surprises when you decide to turn your Honda lease in. 
 30 Days
Make An appointment to come see East Coast Honda. Whether your trading in, buying out your lease, or turning in, we are here to help!
Honda Lease Return Checklist

If you are returning your Leased Honda to East Coast Honda, there are some required items that American Honda is going to require you to bring with you. Here is a simple checklist that you can use:
  • All keys to your Honda
  • Owner's Manual
  • Original Headrests and jump seats if applicable
  • Receipts for any completed repairs
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Vehicle Return Receipt

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