Robots, Energy, and AI at Honda's R&D Center X

There's a new tech Research and Development group at Honda's Innovation Lab Tokyo, called R&D Center X, and this new unit is set to focus on tons of cutting-edge stuff we know you're all going to love. With sights set on advancing technologies like robotics, mobility services and systems, artificial intelligence, and energy tech like batteries, the future is looking bright.

Of course, these advances are not aiming to be ultra-high-end technologies that nobody but the insanely rich can afford; rather, they're hoping their results can be marketed with noted developments in autonomous driving to be achieved by 2020. They'll also collaborate with outside companies as well with the Xcelerator program - Honda's support and scouting program for startups.

This news offers a lot of promise for the future of automotive technology and more, so be sure to keep your eye on Honda in the coming months and years! In the meantime, make your way out to see us here at East Coast Honda and explore everything our new Honda model selection has to offer. You'll be cruising in style in no time.

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