Saving Fuel with Transmission Tech from Honda

When you take the wheel of a vehicle, it's efficiency is reliant on many different factors. There's the engine of course, the type of fuel, the vehicle's weight, and much more. However, the transmission also has an effect on efficiency and our favorite Japanese automaker is working on something set to be a real game-changer.

Honda currently has a patent on an 11-speed transmission with three clutches! This means that, not only will you get increased fuel economy, but the three clutches means you'll enjoy faster gear shifts and a more engaging driving experience. We're not sure what vehicles this will be implemented in, as it's still in the patent phase, but we'll keep you updated on it in the future.

For now, come out to our Myrtle Beach, SC dealership to experience everything that our current new Honda model selection has to offer. With so many choices, and with our East Coast Honda experts beside you, you'll get a fun and educational experience unlike anywhere else.

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