Honda, Safety Tech, and X-Ray Vision

Staying safe on the road is mostly about your own skill behind the wheel but, when your vehicle is equipped with the right technologies, it can help keep you well out of harm's way no matter what may come. Honda has recently filed for two patents on some pretty advanced technologies and we can't wait to tell you about them.

The first of the two is to help you be aware of pedestrians near your vehicle. Using an augmented reality heads -up display, also known as a HUD, you would see far more than just what looking out the windows would show you. In what can almost be described as x-ray vision, the tech shows you multiple pedestrian locations around your vehicle and even those obscured by objects or your blind spot.

The second patent is for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, using a HUD to allow you to essentially see through the vehicle in front of you to the traffic beyond. This would allow you to monitor vehicle speed and movement, alerting you earlier if a sudden stop has happened so you can react more quickly.

We're not sure when this tech will be used in the new Honda model lineup but, when it does, we'll be sure to tell you. Keep an eye on our blog and prepare for a better drive than ever!

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