2017 Honda Ridgeline: An Everyday Truck With Unconventional Abilities

Pickup trucks today come with a lot of power and capability, and yet, most buyers won't need all of that grunt. So why not opt for a truck that comes with all of the utility you need, yet is more economical to own? If that's your ticket, meet the upcoming 2017 Honda Ridgeline--uniquely designed with your needs in mind.

Recently, the automotive newshounds at Autoblog were given their chance to drive the new Ridgeline. They took it out on canyon roads and trails, pulled and hauled, and threw it around. Their take away was that this is a truck that can do it all. With torque vectoring available in all-wheel drive guise, the Ridgeline is remarkably controlled in any situation you put it in. Even with all those abilities, though, its also perfect for day to day chores.

To see how the Ridgeline fits with your daily driving needs, drop our Honda dealership in Myrtle Beach, SC a line. We'd be happy to let you know when it arrives so we can set you up with a test drive.

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