Honda celebrates 40 years of Accord sales!

Well folks, it's finally happened. The big 4-0. Yes, there's no denying it anymore, no lying about its age, the Honda Accord is officially turning 40. But while some might shy away from this ominous number, it's actually a cause for celebration for Honda. Over 40 years, Honda has sold more than 12.7 million Accords, and it shows no signs of slowing down this year. In fact, we dare say that the Accord is now like a fine wine, it's only getting better with age!

What some folks may not realize is that the Honda Accord we know and love today was a wholly different beast at its inception. While we now know it as a sporty and capable sedan, it actually debuted in 1976 as a subcompact hatchback. In fact, its wheelbase was even smaller than the current generation Honda Fit! But as the years went on, the Accord evolved through many different iterations, eventually becoming the vehicle we know and love today. This is because it's name actually stemmed from Honda's commitment to a better "accord" between its vehicles and society through advancing technology and performance, so each successive innovation was a step towards providing a better quality of vehicle for its customers.

That accord between Honda and its loyal fans is still going strong today, as Honda continually innovates on its iconic midsize sedan. Now with three distinct model configurations, Coupe, Sedan, and Sedan Hybrid, as well as a host of engine, trim, and accessory options, there's no doubt that the Honda Accord is as innovative and exciting as it was when it debuted 40 years ago. So, if you'd like to experience the sporty midsize sedan that over 12.7 million Americans have enjoyed for the past 40 years, visit us at East Coast Honda to test drive the new Honda Accord today!

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