The Future of Window Shades with Honda

Our favorite American automaker has put out a lot of patents for some pretty incredible technology concepts, such as pedestrian detection and vehicle-to-vehicle communication as well as an 11-speed transmission with three clutches. Well, they're back at it again with a patent for a new kind of window shade.

The parent shows an interesting idea that, instead of a tinted film or a fabric shade, uses the window itself with a surface that adjust how tinted it is on the fly. Think transition lenses in glasses but it would utilize touch controls to adjust the tinting's position, just like pulling down a fabric shade. We could easily see how this would be useful on any window, even the windshield, but it's also easy to see how fingerprints and dirt would accumulate on the windows rather quickly. We're sure the automaker will figure it out!

If you'd like to keep updated on this technology, or any others that may come in the future, keep an eye on our blog and we'll offer all the details as they come. In the meantime, make our Myrtle Beach, SC dealership your next stop and peruse our wide selection of new Honda models. With so many to choose from, and the offer of a test drive in any that appeal to your needs, you're sure to have an experience worth remembering for weeks to come.

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