Honda Hybrids Get Material Upgrade

If you're in the market for a hybrid vehicle, there are more to choose from these days than ever before! However, hybrid engines are made with rare-earth materials and, since the demand for these materials is only going up and China produces 90% of the world's supply, our favorite Japanese automaker decided it was time to break their reliance.

They have plans for the next generation of the Honda Freed - a hybrid minivan made for Japan - by using a new material called neodymium in the production of the hybrid engine. Both more affordable and lighter in weight, it spells good things for Honda and drivers alike.

While we're not sure if the Freed will ever come to western shores, we're certainly hoping that this new engine technology makes its way to our vehicles soon. In the meantime, take your time looking through our wide selection of new Honda models and find the one that appeals to all of your needs when you hit the road. With our experts ready to help you however they can, you'll get a satisfying automotive experience every time.

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